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National ID Watch is sponsored by the Liberty Coalition, a 501(c)4 organization based in Washington, DC.


Most people have received a vague breach notification letter telling them their personal information is at risk. These unhelpful letters do not give victims the information they need to protect themselves, and many never get a notification letter at all.

A public service by Identity Finder, LLC, provides more than a million free Personal Privacy Reports™ (PPRs) to individuals whose personal information has been publicly exposed. Each PPR describes in detail what personal information has been exposed, under what circumstances, who is responsible, and the contact information of those responsible.


One of the cruel ironies of data breaches is that only the breaching organization knows what happened, and they have the strongest incentive to hide or skew the details of the breach. Many organizations never report breaches to victims, much less issue a press release, regardless of local breach notification laws. Even the most well-intentioned and reputable organizations often issue vague, incomplete, blame-shifting or liability-reducing press releases that do little to inform or empower victims. Until, victims have never heard the whole story. empowers individuals to control the spread and abuse of their own identities by providing an unprecedented amount of detailed data breach documentation. Empowering victims to be their own advocates, documents the types of information exposed, without revealing sensitive personal information.

Our goals are to:

  1. Notify and Empower Victims of Personal Information Breach
  2. Give Victims Tools to Mitigate Risk
  3. Stop Breaches from Happening in the First Place
  4. Give Consumers Tools to Eliminate Personal Information from their Computers

Daily media reports chronicle personal information breaches by organizations of all sizes and types. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse estimates that since January, 2005 there have been hundreds of millions of records compromised, exposed, or stolen. In addition to these reported breaches, hundreds of thousands of exposed records go unreported. A victim's right to full disclosure of the details surrounding a breach is at the heart of

Though this website only covers a small percentage of the total number of reported breaches (roughly 0.1%), your Personal Privacy Report measures severity of personal information breaches by four key indicators:

  • Size of the exposure, or number affected;
  • Sensitivity of the information exposed from an objective standpoint;
  • Duration of the exposure; and
  • Distribution of the exposed information (ie, stolen laptop, exposed online, or dumped in a dumpster)

Our first priority is to empower victims without helping the bad guys. That's why's first and most important security feature is that the website does NOT contain any combination of sensitive personal information in its database: Period. So, even if someone got into the database, there's nothing useful to see. We explain our process in detail in our Privacy Policy.

This website is not designed to:

  • Find People: We do not aggregate personal information in our database, so it's not much use to investigators, criminals, or people looking for high school friends.
  • Sell Personal Information: We are not data-miners, we do not aggregate personal information in our database, nor do we rent, sell, give away or lease personal information.
  • Give Identity Theft Protection Services: If you seek identity Theft Protection Service, we can point you in a few good directions, but we do not provide those services ourselves.

History launched on April 18, 2011. Much of the database was acquired from the Liberty Coalition's project "National ID Watch," which first launched on July 18, 2007.

Funding is funded by Identity Finder, LLC, where consumer protection is in our DNA. The website is a public service designed to support our core mission of eliminating personal information breaches while empowering individuals. We encourage you to download the free version of Identity Finder to search for personal information on your home computer.

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* Though we make every reasonable effort to ensure this information is accurate, Identity Finder encourages you to investigate and confirm the information on your Personal Privacy Report and other information on this website, before acting upon it. The information given by this website is presented "AS-IS," without any warranty as to its accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose. Nothing on this website shall be construed as legal advice, or as an endorsement by any third party, unless otherwise explicitly stated. If you require legal advice, please seek the advice of legal counsel experienced in this subject area, and licensed in your jurisdiction.