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EXPOSING IDENTITY: (155th Brigade Combat Team S-1)
155th Brigade Combat Team S-1
ATTN: 155th DBC
2705 West Jackson Street
Tupelo, MS 38803
(662) 891-9704

Sensitivity: Extreme
Duration: More Than One Month
Distribution: Exposed Online
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Press Release

Mississippi 155th Heavy Brigade Combat Team Puts 2,672 Troops at Risk of ID Theft
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October, 08 2010 UPDATED: January, 01 1900

JACKSON, Mississippi. The Mississippi National Guard has breached 3,323 personnel records online of active-duty Mississippi National Guardsmen and women of the 155th Heavy Brigade Combat Team, who returned from deployment in Iraq last year. The breached files contain 2,674 unique names and 2,672 social security numbers. The breach occurred on or before September 10, 2010 at the Mississippi National Guard's website until they were discovered in early October, 2010 by the Liberty Coalition. During that time, the files were potentially available to anyone in the world with an internet connection. Within minutes after the Liberty Coalition notified the Mississippi National Guard of the breach, access to the site was restricted and the 155th was notified of the breach.

At least 12 separate files containing sensitive personal information were posted on the 155th Heavy Brigade Combat Team's Sharepoint website, which was unencrypted, insecure, and did not require a password to access. Other information breached included 31 dates of birth, home and cell phone numbers, email addresses, test scores, ranks, pay grades, security clearance information.

The files were created between late 2006 and 2008, and were added to the National Guard website on September 10, 2010 by "Carwyle, Kevin W WO1 MIL NG MSARNG." Various authors of the documents include kevin.l.ingram, amos.parker, phillip.starling, Clifton L. Marshall, george.pender, earl.dorris1, michael.a.honeycutt, and kevin.nichols, although none of these individuals appear to have any connection to the breach. Breaches of this sort typically occur when old files are backed up to new systems, which is what appears to have happened in this case. Since the files with the sensitive information were among hundreds of other administrative files, the Liberty Coalition believes that the breach was unintentional.

In a statement, Col. Timothy Powell, Spokesperson for the Mississippi National Guard stated,

The protection of personal and sensitive information is paramount in the Mississippi National Guard and we take this very seriously by incorporating numerous layers of internet security on our websites. We have identified potential breaches of information, and as an additional caution, the websites in question have been temporarily blocked and cannot be accessed. All individuals affected are being notified at this time as to the extent of the information that was breached, and what cautionary measures should be taken to mitigate and safeguard such information.
Again, we take this very seriously, and the Mississippi National Guard will continue to take all security measures to ensure that all personal and sensitive information is kept confidential.
Victims of this breach are at elevated risk of identity theft and fraud. The Guard has set up a hotline for those affected: (662) 891-9704.

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