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Press Release Used to Traffic Identities
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July, 22 2008 UPDATED: January, 01 1900

REDWOOD CITY, California. For almost a year, at least one identity thief used to traffic stolen personal information for 53 people. The information included credit card numbers, addresses, mothers' maiden names, social security numbers, drivers license numbers, bank accounts, paypal account information, and a wide range of other sensitive personal information. The user, "linux3r" (whose account has been suspended) proudly declared, "Selling: Credit cards, Paypals, Banks Logins, etc Ask me..." According to the website, the sensitive information was first posted on June 29, 2007. did not remove the sensitive personal information for approximately one year.

"linuxs3r" claimed to be from Franklin Park, Illinois, and a part of the "Silver Crew Cardes Network." Although the breached information does not appear to originate from fotolog databases, failed to detect or remove the information from its website for almost one year, giving identity thieves and search engines ample time to discover and index the information.

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